It is perfectly okay to spam like and spam re blog me. I enjoy it.

I am a 27 year old, chunky yet funky Homosexual who loves to show off from east coast Canada.


Guess who is sick?? I’m never this pale

Guess who is sick?? I’m never this pale

Anonymous asked
Hi cutie, why do you only try and find someone on tumblr? Use growlr or other bear apps. Try bearwww too. You know you're good looking. If you think you're not go check your eyes :) You are lucky because you're handsome. Most bears can't say that. So it'd be easy for you to find love, or at least sexual partners. Hugs :)

I’m looking for people on tumblr? And I’m fully aware of all those site and I’m probably on them and they are just for entertainment really

Anonymous asked
Hi buddy, I've seen your reblog blog on tumblr ( princewiliamslikes ) and you seem to prefer skinny guys to bears or cubs like you. WHY? :-)

I don’t tend to like guys bigger then me because I feel I’m big enough and a lot of bears I see on here are either bigger or are like tattooed and pierced which I’m not a fan of.

As for a lot of skinnier guys. That’s what main stream porn produces so there are more pictures our there of it. And most of those are just eye candy, all they are good for

Only because I declared selfie sunday

This is suppose to be my selfie Sunday. I forgot it wasn’t sunday

Weirdo face collection part 2